We are very sorry, but that wouldn’t be possible.

Once you purchase license, we can’t refund money or swap the license for another font or another license type. It is not question of our business ethic or technical possibilities, it is strictly related with sensitivity of products. Check all license options before making purchase, that’s our advise.

If you can’t find suitable license option, please contact us at: dusan@tourdefonts.com and we will make one according your needs.

We have integrated Paypal gateway meaning you’d have to use your Paypal account in order to make payment – either from your Paypal balance or from your credit card/ bank account. At this moment, this is the only method available directly from our web shop.

If you’d like to avoid using Paypal as payment method, you can contact us directly at: dusan@tourdefonts.com and we’ll give you instructions for wire transfer options in different currencies (USD/ EUR).

Yes! You would get generous discount upon request by sending us your valid student’s ID of any kind. Please contact us at: dusan@tourdefonts.com

Unfortunately, our website doesn’t have support for demo fonts at this moment, but you can contact us at: dusan@tourdefonts.com with request and we’ll guide you to one of our vendor’s website where you can download demo fonts.

In short, we are two men team and we don’t accept submissions from other designers. Sorry.

We don’t. We just sell fonts we made under our label.

As stated in our Licenses page, modifications are not allowed without our permission. So feel free to contact us at: dusan@tourdefonts.com with all details and we’ll be provide you with the best solution for you and your client.

It might be (and it surely is) cause we’re not native English language speakers and we didn’t payed much attention on English classes in school. Some say it has it’s charm, but at the end it’s important we understand each others.