Cat Fight

The Italian bees have decidedly the preference.

If a piece of honey is anywhere about, the Italians are sure to be the first to find it out.

The proofs of an argument must not be fetched from the moon. A nationality is never found on the borders, but in the centre of a country.

Only a short time ago it was asserted in the Bee Gazette of Eichstedt, that their cell construction is not larger than that of the black bee; but that is another erroneous assertion which only proves that the author of such a natural history either never handled a pure Italian bee; or, like a great many more ink-wasters, hatched something in the study which is nowhere to be found in nature.

It does not require the use of spectacles to find a difference.


Cat Fight Font Family
Designed by Dušan Jelesijević
Released in November 2021
2 Styles
Cat Fight is small decorative font family containing two “weights”. They are not weights in actual meaning, as they differ by style but to secure safe OTF usage in all OS, they are named as Regular and Bold.

Cat Fight is ideal for lively and cheerful usages on posters, packages, labels, website titles, book covers and other similar situations.




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