Hedon Display

With the Low Vulgarites I have no concern; but with the other two tribes, much.

It has been said of Carrière that he has “le génie de l’œil,” and it is exactly this “genius of the eye” which constitutes the bond of sympathy between all Impressionists.

His paintings of the intimate life of the family, the circle round the fireside or the little gatherings in the common room during a winter evening, have a quiet charm which his contemporaries rarely attain. Such groups, it may be said, find little favour from those who issue commissions for family heirlooms, and Carrière has no chance of becoming a fashionable painter of human mediocrity. One remembers though that Mr. Sargent has proved recently that even with mediocrity a genius can do a great deal. Carrière, however, is never likely to wish to rival Bonnat or Carolus-Duran. His scenes are not so much represented as suggested. His drawing is a reproduction of the play of light upon the different planes of the subject, the whole picture becoming a symphonic development of light. His brush manipulates colour much as a sculptor manipulates clay, and the results are real Impressions.

The Fossard family ended in an heiress in Cœur de Lion's reign.

It was during the mayoralty of Thomas Pheasant that Daniel Dove took up his abode in Doncaster.


Hedon Display Font Family
Designed by Dušan Jelesijević
Released in May 2014
1 Style
Hedon Display font is the latest addition to recently released Hedon Family. Like the whole range this new one has a lot of character and energy implemented in every glyph. Cute ink-traps, nice elegant hidden serifs, a little freestyle even fancy look – artistic and funky without losing its seriousness – these are the key features of Hedon Display font. Such a piece of art gives you enough room for your creativity and even stimulates your artistic nature to reach new heights. Use it for strong headlines or simply print one letter in extra large size to show off all of its beauty. Hedon Display is best friend with the rest of the family especially with the light outlines and especially if you use them in appropriate colours and in contrast sizes. It reveals its true potential and character when used for posters, magazines, brand names and signage and if manipulated correctly it is perfect for catchy logos. Apertures are more closed because of its high contrast yet well balanced for maximum legibility even when used in small text sizes.

Overall impression – great font, excellent addition, to Hedon Family, attractive and serious, designed by professionals with a lot of personal attitude and attention to every detail






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