It was quite easy, because, absorbed as he was, he had no thought for me at all.

I shall never forget that night. The sky had gradually shed its fleece of clouds, and the moon, almost at the full, shone in the cold blue dome. Below, the line of sandbags and trenches made long white tracks.

Vignerte, what on earth's the trouble?

I then did something which met with disapproval from the few friends who took any interest in me. During my year as a boarder I had glimpsed Paris as a convict sees green fields through the bars of his cell. I remember myself as a penniless schoolboy walking in the Champs-Elysées one Grand-Prix day in June. All the millionaires were returning home from the races. Each of the cars that flashed down the avenue in a brilliant stream cost ten times more than my poor self had cost since I came into the world. A wonderful lemon and mauve light flooded the scene. I was dazzled. This vision of extravagance inspired me with none of the sentiments that turns the underdog into a rebel.

I am seeing M. Berthomieu this evening. Come back at ten tomorrow and I will give you place and time.


Nervatica Font Family
Designed by Dušan Jelesijević
Released in May 2013
2 Styles
Language is a must, please clean your book’s dust. If you move like a snail, you’ll never end up on Yale. Teach your mind to rewind, never leave knowledge behind, what should be defined, is what you’ll get as assigned.






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