Povetarac Didone

For purposes of comparison, your prototype is standing here beside me.

Chisholm stood aghast and watched the endless procession. On they came, one vile caricature after another. Nobody seemed to have forgotten him. He expected the specter furnished by Firrel to be bad. It was. Malice was not its creator, but sheer contempt. Chisholm had to turn his face when it clambered up onto the stage. The office girls' offering differed little from Maizie's except in intensity. The one held by Hardy was a cruel surprise. He had done so much for Hardy. But he had forgotten how he had made Hardy pay through the nose for favors.

You kissed her on the Drive that night, and then lost her phone number, you lucky dog.

Mr. Chisholm was glum. It wasn't right to be pilloried that way. They simply couldn't do that to him. To hell with what all those people thought. Who were they, anyhow? A lot of nitwit salesmen and office help, gold-diggers and climbers! He knew he was all right. He had got along. They were jealous and envious, that's what. He nudged the demon.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet King Dubignon.


Povetarac Didone Font Family
Designed by Dušan Jelesijević
Released in January 2022
12 Styles
Povetarac Didone font family is part of Povetarac Superfamily together with Povetarac Sans and Povetarac Display.

Available in 6 weights with matching italics, Povetarac Didone relays on lively uppercase proportions that took inspiration from vintage typefaces. It is well balanced family, elegant and fully recognizable. One of its characteristics are straight and wide terminals without usual serifs for this kind of typefaces. Playful and harmonic italics are one more uniqueness of Povetarac Didone. They were gently crafted to fulfil they role not just for editorial use, but as display typeface as well.

Comes with Fractions and extended Latin character map.


Regular Italic
Medium Italic
Semi Bold
Semi Bold Italic
Bold Italic
Heavy Italic
Black Italic




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