Tradition says he was of noble lineage, but of this there is no written record.

In the early life of this child of slave birth, there were several incidents that seemed to mark him for a high destiny. The very pretentiousness of the name he bore, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, was a possible indication of something unusual and promising in his appearance and demeanor. Though it is not known who was his father, it is fortunate that, out of the many uncertainties of his lowly origin, a reasonably clear outline of the personality of his mother has come to light and has been preserved. We cannot know her name or pedigree. The slave-child saw little of his slave-mother, but he made a great deal of this little. His references to her were frequent in his writings and public addresses, and they all indicate the pride and love of a heart true to its primal instincts.

Whatever training Frederick had up to eight years of age, he received from his Grandmother Bailey.

Until he was seven years of age, young Fred felt few of the privations of slavery. In these childhood days, he probably was as happy and carefree as the white children in the “big house.” At liberty to come and go and play in the open sunshine, his early life was typical of the happier side of Negro life in slavery. What he missed of a mother’s affection and a father’s care, was partly made up to him by the indulgent kindness of his good grandmother.

The Anthony family consisted of Mrs. Lucretia Anthony, the wife.


Satiata Font Family
Designed by Dušan Jelesijević
Released in July 2022
1 Style
Satiata is fat, single, display font that’s full of charm. Tightly spaced, Satiata is designed with condensed proportions which place the font in versatile position – it can be used for posters, titles, outdoor graphics, but equally the same for package, branding or websites. It is recognizable enough to lead every project.

Satiata contains extended Latin character map with two stylistic sets and small pack of ligatures.




Stylistic Set 01
Stylistic Set 02


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